Bookkeeping Evaluation

Are you ready to get your books in order but aren’t sure where to start?  Our Bookkeeping Evaluation is the first step.  Journals & Ledgers has a team of highly qualified Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisors who can assist with your business’ initial assessment. This solution includes:

  • Evaluation of the existing bookkeeping system and financial data
  • Recommendation of the best online bookkeeping solution based on the company’s requirements
  • Identification of areas which can be optimized through the use of 3rd party applications
  • Determination of the review and reconciliation services needed

Once our Bookkeeping Evaluation is complete, we will:

  • Schedule a meeting to review our written recommendations for streamlining processes and improving efficiencies in your bookkeeping system
  • Present several options for bringing your books into compliance and to provide ongoing monthly bookkeeping management services
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