Our Story

Mary Buzzeo has always had a heart for small business.  Her parents each had their own small businesses and she was able to see first hand the daily challenges that they faced as they grew and managed their companies.  With more than 20 years of experience working for a variety of small businesses, Mary launched Journals & Ledgers with a desire to provide professional bookkeeping services to local small businesses.  The mission of Journals & Ledgers is to provide the small business owner with peace of mind so they can focus on growing their company without having to worry about overseeing their finances.

Her diverse experience includes managing the financial function for a national non-profit to implementing and managing an accounting system for a start-up consulting company.  That business grew from a home-based business to a multi-million dollar thriving enterprise over the span of only a few years. Later, she joined a growing consulting company to lead their first-ever accounting department. During her tenure, processes were streamlined and financial data was readily available for management, allowing the owners to focus on growing the business.

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